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Medic Dispatch brings an exciting range of healthcare services conveniently to your home. You can request a doctor or a nurse as your service provider.

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A subscription plan is usually a more economical decision than Pay-Per-Use. We have 3 awesome subscription plans for urban households.

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You can register free today as a Medic Dispatch member to access a life-time discount offer and several other benefits. The discount will apply whenever you book a service or buy a plan.

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Book a Service

Medic Dispatch can send a doctor, nurse, or therapist to your home or workplace. You can even book a service for someone else, maybe a parent, relative, or friend. Other services include an ambulance response to home emergencies.


Clients who require a second medical opinion for critical diagnosis like cancer can book a video consultation with our international super specialists.

Buy a Subscription

Three subscription plans have been designed for budget, value, and comprehensiveness. 

FlexPak is for light healthcare users who want the convenience, promptness, and privacy of on-demand home health service.

ValuPak is good for individuals and households with a need for routine health check or intervention, e.g. the elderly and clients with chronic conditions.

LifePak is perfectly suited for clients who want a full option of services or patients who have need for more frequent care and attention. This could be a bed-ridden patient or a person recovering from a severe acute event (stroke, surgery, etc)

You can subscribe monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Annual subscriptions come with great cost-savings


Become a Member

Register as a member to access services on the Medic Dispatch platform.


Registration has immense benefits.

It is simple, fast, and free.




Choose a service category under 'Services'. As a guide, if you feel ill and require a diagnosis, request a doctor visit; if you need follow-up or routine care, request a nurse visit.If you need other service category, select same.

Once you have decided on a service category, the range of services you can get will be displayed, including the prices.

Select the service you require and book an appointment. Use the online calendar to select the date and time you prefer.

In order to complete the booking. you will be required to sign up (non-members) or log in (members).


We encourage clients to book at least 4 hours ahead where possible.


You will need to make payment for your booking to be successful. 

After booking the appointment, you will be taken to a payment page.

Payment can be made online on the platform or by bank transfer.

Once payment is verified, your booking will be confirmed.


You will be matched with the nearest available Medic. If you have specific requests, e.g. gender or specialty, it will be applied.

Our Medic will contact you to confirm the appointment date and time.

The requested service will be provided as per booking.

Typically, a doctor or nurse evaluation will determine further services needed for the home treatment. Additional payment may be required for those extra services. All prices are transparent and displayed under 'Services'.

Medic Dispatch partners with accredited pharmacies and laboratories for medications, tests, and treatment consumables. These costs are excluded from the professional fees of our Medics. 

We regularly update the directory of our service partners.

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