Doctor Visit

Book a doctor visit if you or your loved one is feeling sick and need a diagnosis with treatment. you might have symptoms such as fever, pain, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, or cough.

Nurse Visit

Book a nurse visit if you or your loved one might have need for routine care and monitoring. Our Medic Nurses offer a broad range of services which include wound care, urinary catheter management, bed care, IM drug administration, and general physical check up for clients with chronic ailments.

Physical Therapy

Book a physiotherapy visit for medical  rehabilitative services, e.g, patients with a stroke, disability, or post surgery. 

Patient Transport

For safe and convenient inter-facility, as well as home to facility patient transport, access our quality ambulance services.

Diagnostic Services

You can do your routine blood work or general lab checkup from the comfort of your home. Our phlebotomists can come to you for sample collection.

Pharmacy Services

You can obtain your medication and prescription refill through our network of partner pharmacies.

Redbridge Healthcare Innovation Park,

Gwarinpa II, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.


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